Success 101

For our annual Power Professionals issue, South asked the brightest stars in business to weigh in on their success. From ice cream wizards to fine jewelry kings, 22 of the most innovative and driven leaders in our community lay down the rules of success.

Bill Hubbard, President and CEO of Savannah Area Chamber of Commerce and Visit Savannah says it’s all in your brave factor: “You have to take risks, but they have to be measured. You can’t sit on the sidelines.”

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Stars of the South

Savannah has a wealth of leaders guiding the city into a third century of economic prosperity, creative culture and social fairness. In each issue we highlight a handful of standout stars who are bridging communities, formulating ideas, or constructing a better future. The success of these notable personalities has dovetailed with that of Savannah, and they continue to play a role in maintaining the charm of Savannah while ushering in its inevitable growth.


WHAT HE’S DOING: Acts as a human connector among vital segments of Savannah’s development. Serves on a variety of boards and attempts to reveal to other influential leaders how their interests overlap. He sees the link between the abundance of higher education players like SCAD and Georgia Tech, and how those institutions in turn play a crucial role with other sectors like the cancer institutes and port.

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Right on Target

How does a hobby grow into a multi-million dollar business? For a local weapon manufacturer, it happened when opportunity met preparation and a core group of people believed in one man’s dream.

Marty Daniel describes himself as a “gun guy.” Tall, lanky and unassuming, the Savannah native grew up tinkering with machines and parts, intrigued by the mechanics of firearms and fascinated by how things work and what was needed to keep them working. As he got older, Daniel channeled his interests into Daniel Overhead Doors and Fireplaces, a business that still stands after 20 years. But a new company targeting a completely different market has now replaced the businessman’s former mainstay. Operating from a new manufacturing facility off I-16 in northern Bryan County, Daniel is taking the world’s assault rifle industry by storm.

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The Power of Pine

pine1Armed with one of the Peach State’s most abundant resources, one Georgia-based company is stepping up with an answer to the world’s energy crisis.

Deep in the South hides a material that could revolutionize the way the United States—and the world—consumes energy. It’s renewable, plentiful and probably in most backyards. It’s the Georgia pine tree. Disbelievers need only ask Ross Harding, senior advisor at Energy Launch Partners, about the power of the pine.

“Georgia has over 24 million acres of pine trees,” Harding explains. “New Mexico has solar energy, Montana has wind energy, and here in Georgia we have the ability to turn woody biomass into cellulose-based energy.” According to Harding, the Peach State lucked out in the natural resource department—unlike other forms of energy, wood can be used to produce not only heat, but also power, electricity and liquid fuels.

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