Registration is now closed. South magazine would like to thank everyone that entered the contest. Below you will find the list of the registered participants; if you dont see your name, or would like to erase your entry from the contest feel free to email us at Don’t forget to send us updates every month! The people with the most dramatic results will be featured in the June/July Issue, alongside special guest Jamie Eason! The photo shoot will be shot by one of South’s award-winning photographers mid April.

Winners will also receive a prove bag from Run26two with running gear ( 1 t-shirt, 1 running shirt, Run26Two running gear) and be invited to the exclusive release party.


Adrian Tiernan
Adrienne Pellechia
Aimee Wyatt
Alisha Kistenmacher
Amanda Delph
Amanda Drotzmann
Amy Brewis
Amy Kepple
Amy McElhaney
Amy Palmer
Amy Voitik
Andrea Hilderbrand
Angel Reigelsperger
Angela Boger
Angela Ferguson
Angela Gregory
April Ames
Arika Hoscheit
Ashley Brooks
Ashley Farris
Ashley Reese
Ashley Taylor
Ashley Udell
Autumn Certo
Becky Mason
Beth Mifflin
Blake Ring
Blanca Bailey
Bonnie Cole
Brandy Hoyle
Brian Supernault
Brittany Thigpen
brooke roman
Brooke Zaidel
Cassandra Langley
Cassidee Domstrich
Cat Compton
Cayla Hanousek
Chandel McDonie
Chebri Lewis
Chelsea Estes
Chip Chambers
Chip Jetton
Chris Galvan
Christi Jones
Cindy Flannery
Corie Weathers
Courtney Cox
Courtney DiMiceli
Courtney Young
Crystal Sun Baker
Crystal Williams
Danielle Gliniecki
David Fitzpatrick
Deidre Malcom
Diana Borno
Diana Pap
Dorothy Camak
Elizabeth Landrum
Elizabeth Turner
Emily Lubold
Emily Roberts
Emma Davies
Erica Cerda
Eunice Andrews
Fallon Boltze
Fran Thorne
Gaberial Sisney
Grace Curry
Grant Tyner
Heather Trumble
Illest Tekiner
Isabella Doktor
Izzy Hudgins
Jackie Jeffery Stoudmire
Jaimie Seeley
Jake Wretberg
James Grove
Jamie Carson
Jamie D. Wyels
Jana Gregson
Jane Farr
Jay Orr
jennier Carter
Jennifer Bostic
Jennifer Clutter
Jennifer Carver
Jennifer Noblett
Jennifer Schnellmann
Jennifer Van Arsdall
Jessica Brantley
Jessica Flores
Jessica Fried
Jessica Lardy
Jessica Ortiz

Juliana Hurtado
Julie Cortese
Karen Brown
Karen Carter
Karen Foster
Kathy J Armada
Kayla Leabo
Kelli Lee
Kelly Bowman
Kelly Fichtner
Kimberly Bingham
Kimberly Hutter
Koraima Guzman
Krista Barker
Kristen Dobbins
Kristen Lewis
Kristina Jones
La Trece Johnson
Lacey Boronczyk
Laura Hastay
Laura May
Lauren Jetton
Layla Brinson
Lindsey Bailey
Lindsey Harvath
Lisa Reisser
Lisa Ritchie
Liz Craig
Liz Medina
Loni Broesch
Lori Gainey
Lynda Figueredo
Lynda Jensen
Lynne Mcgougan
Mandy Duman
Mandy Vachon
Maria Dimakos
Maria Rodriguez Zeron
Maritza Rodriguez
Marta Gumi Barno
Mary Ghorbani
Mary Haeberle
Mary J. Ward
Matthew Osborn
Meaghan Walsh Gerard
Melissa Thompson
Meredith Ley
Michelle Rojas
Michelle Vetter
Mike Rathburn
Miranda Hutton
Monica Smith
Natalie Burns
Nicole Olthuis
Oscar Caban
Pamela Culley
Pamela Prince
Pamela Spears
Patti King
Rachel Azzopardi
Rachel Flint
Rhonda Vice
Rizalyn Abuyen
Robert Boger
Robin Grenchik
Rosa Espejo
Ryan Giannoni
Samantha McGough
Sara Sellers
Sara Stridh
Sarah Sisney
Savanah Wissel
Sheila Grooms
Shirley Smith
Stacey Goldberg
Stephanie King
Susan Gotshall
Susie Gault
Sylvia Frickey
Tere’ Seginack
Tiffany Johnston
Tina Stroud
Toneisha Keefer
Tracie Elias
Trinity Laurel
Victoria Ten Broeck


No matter where you live, there’s a professional trainer waiting to help get you going!

Port Wentworth, Pooler, Rincon
Trainer: Tiffany Taylor
Info: Tiffany teaches a variety of boot camp and training classes. 912.964.3333, 912.508.3670, Email her at for more information.

Trainer: Joseph Johnson, NPC Men’s Physique competitor
Info: Lava Fitness, 1 East Broughton Street, 912.721.6000,; Train Me 24/7, Wilmington Island, 2512 Whitemarsh Way, 912.225.9695,

The Islands/ at your home
Trainer: Jodie Luther-Kofod
Info: The Islands YMCA, 66 Johnny Mercer Boulevard, 912.897-.192; she will also come train you at your home!

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