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Tragedy has struck the Savannah film community, and the heartbreak has spread across the entire film industry.

Last week, Sarah Jones was working on the new Gregg Allman biopic, Midnight Rider, when she was struck by a train on set. Seven others were injured when the crew was filming a dream sequence on a train trestle when they were surprised by an oncoming freight train. Whether or not they had permission is up for debate, and not really our battle. All that matters is a bright, talented young women was taken from us too soon.

Hollywood has responded with touching tributes across the webosphere. A viral movement dubbed #SlatesforSarah have been popping up on sets for Downton Abbey, Doctor Who, The Voice, Revolution, Criminal Minds, NCIS, Parenthood, Parks & Recreation, and hundreds more film and TV productions, who have been paying tribute to honor Sarah Jones. You can visit the Facebook page by clicking here.


Dustin Hoffman, a recent supporter of #slatesforsarah campaign.

The Academy Awards is just a couple of days away. Family, friends, colleagues, and supporters have started an online petition to have her recognized during the ceremony’s “In Memoriam” montage, which honors actors and crew members who have passed away within the last year. The website reads:

“Sarah Elizabeth Jones was a West Columbia native who died last week while filming a movie in South Georgia. Only 27 years old, Sarah’s promising life was cut short when she was struck by a train while working on a dangerous set. Crew members are the unsung heroes of film and television production who work long hours and sometimes very dangerous conditions for the love of filmmaking. Sarah Elizabeth Jones was one of us. We ask for Sarah Elizabeth Jones’ love and passion for filmmaking be acknowledged on the grandest stage of all, The Academy Awards.”

Never forget those who sacrifice so much of themselves behind the scenes. She was a young woman who loved what she did and we should remember the wonderful contributions she made to everyone she touched and inspired.

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