Get Fit in Savannah, Introducing the Square Workout

Spring is upon us, the weather is beautiful, and it is time to get out doors and take advantage of it.  Why not ditch the gym for the next few months and use your City for some stellar workouts?  You have no idea what kind of fun things you can do around town that will not only challenge you physically, but change up the old routine (or maybe even get you into a routine, period) and re-motivate you to firm up for the skimpy days of summer just around the corner. 


In this workout you will walk or run from Forsyth to Bay Street on Bull.  Each time you go through a “square” you’ll do some exercises to build a strong upper body and toned arms:

Start by “warming up” around Forsyth (walk or run), and then begin your workout heading North on Bull towards town.

At each “square” find a bench.  Facing the bench, put your hands on the bench in a push up position and do 10 pushups (make them as deep and challenging as you can).  Then immediately turn around and sit on the bench with your hands beside your hips and feet on the ground just under your knees.  Slide off the bench supporting yourself with your arms and do 10 dips (bend elbows so your body goes just below the level of the bench).

Do the above on 1 bench for Level I, 2 benches for Level II, and 3 benches for Level III.

Continue your walk or run to the next “square” and repeat.  

Do as many squares as you can, keeping in mind your own fitness level.  (Going all the way to Bay and back to Forsyth, with a warm-up lap around the park, is about 3 miles total.)

When you are ready to head back to Forsyth (at Bay or before), walk or run without the bench workout if you prefer.

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