Blog: Take Five, Headlines from Jesse Blanco

1. “Not in My Neighborhood You Don’t!”

Southside residents fit to be tied after a 3rd homicide this summer.

Think people don’t care about protecting their neighborhoods and keeping them safe?  Try telling that to the standing room only crowd at the Armstrong Center that came out to a Town Hall Meeting to voice their concerns after only 2 homicides in the month of July.  The day that meeting was held, a third person was found dead that was also ruled a homicide.  Lets not pretend that the Windsor Forest area is a sleepy suburbia, but murder north of Victory Drive may get you a raised eyebrow.  In an area that is usually quiet and free of these types of problems (especially when the buzz is pointing to drugs), residents will get mad, they will turn out and they will try to make a difference.  The next town hall meeting was moved to a venue with a capacity of 975.

2. Rock and Rock Roll Hoochie-Coup!

Savannah getting a ‘Rock and Roll Marathon’ the first city our size to draw this event

Rock and Roll Marathons are a series of races nationwide (16 in all) that mix in live music with a full blown road race.  The end of the road brings a jam… as in a concert.  Past performers have included Journey, The Goo Goo Dolls and Chris Issak.  No clue who will be performing at Forsyth Park on November 5th 2011, but lets go ahead and squash the U2/Lady Gaga rumors right now.  According to the fine folks who put this party together, we can expect 20 thousand people and about 20 million dollars in our fair city by the time the multi-day event is over.  I’ll take it.  To-go please!

3. Bieber Fever?

Can anyone really be THAT sick?

Last time out,  I poked at Miley Cyrus and her desire to break the ‘Hannah’ mold.  This week, I’ve been slapped upside the head by the latest teen phenom. At the ripe old age of 16 Justin Bieber is making headlines this week.  We’ve known Young Bieber has been making the girlies swoon for a little while now, but we have officially kicked this puppy into the department.  Why? Well, I am glad you asked.  Justin Bieber has one hit song and a couple of others making noise. ONE.  So what has that earned him?  A fall tour that will include such venues as Madison Square Garden in New York City, Staples Center in LA and Philips in Atlanta.  Ok…he has a following.  Fair enough.  But floor seats that START at 300 dollars?  For a kid with two songs? Oh, he’s appearing on CSI this Fall, has an autobiography coming out (he’s 16!!!) and if that doesn’t just drive you to a rubber mallet, try this on:  Mark Waldburg says he is ready to rap again if Bieber asks.  Ok, someone call the police!

4. Too Portly For Potter?

If it doesn’t click you aren’t legit.

Jacksonville man -6 feet and about 300 pounds -turned away from the newest roller coaster at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando because his uh…. butter beer gut was too thick for a third click.  When the over the shoulder harness comes down to lock you in to this particular coaster, you hear a series of clicks as it locks in.  Apparently 3 clicks are required and this gentleman could only muster 2 clicks.  He was asked to leave the ride and instead of suing, making a discriminatory fuss, or otherwise showing his backside….he decided to turn this into a positive.  He has started a blog called “Three Clicks” dedicated to losing weight.  He’s apparently gotten tons of support on-line (no pun intended) and is determined to get back to Orlando to show those Muggles who’s Bad!

5. The “InDecision”

Brett Favre says his retiring again

Wait no he isn’t!  But but but…. he sent out texts saying he was done!  But but but… he says if he’s healthy he’ll play!  But but the Vikings have offered him $16 million-3 more million than he is under contract for-if he will play!  But he has told friends he’ll decide after he sees a doctor.  But other NFL players say he’ll be back at the end of training camp!  But, but, but, the first time he changed his mind. Ok, whatever.  This is ridiculous.  Wake me when its over.  Its too hot for this garbage.

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