Blog: Take Five, Headlines from Jesse Blanco

1. X may mark the spot in the Coastal Empire. X-Men movie looking to shoot in or around Savannah.

The buzz has been buzzing for quite some time about the latest “X-Men” Motion picture shooting in our area. Locations have been scouted, researched, offers have been made, negotiations and rumors swirl like Kristi Yamaguchi after drinking five Red Bulls, but nothing is official yet. Why? Well, apparently there are a lot of details and planning that go into a mega-motion picture (who’da thunk it?). Define mega? The X-Men series to date has generated a box office revenue of a billion (yes B) and a half dollars. That’s a lot of popcorn. Well, maybe not that much considering what they charge for popcorn at the movies now days. Regardless, the players involved locally are hopeful we land this tuna and add it to our motion picture resume. One doesn’t exactly think of Coastal Georgia being a prime place for a sci-fi flick, but what do I know? I’m still afraid to put my digital camera through the X-ray machine at the airport for fear it will spoil my pictures.

2. Starbucks streamlines the drive thru. Tall is still for all, just not on the menu.

The sheepherder with the fancy green and white logo is pulling a fast one in the drive thru lane. At least that’s what some people are saying. Starbucks has cut down the menu in the drive thru line down from 70 items to about 25. They SAY it’s because customers complained about the difficulty in reading their drive thru menus. Some customers, though, are as pipin’ hot as that cup of Verona. Why take the cheapest menu item off if it is still available for sale (which it is)? Some think Starbucks is trying to pull one over on them by subliminally up-selling them into more coffee than they want to drink, or pay for, for that matter. Got news for ya’, if you’re already spending $50 bucks a week on coffee and uhhhhhh ‘scones’… your ship has sailed. Non-fat perhaps, but plenty of whip.

3. Broughton is bubblin’ – Signs of growth are everywhere.

Speaking of our good friends at the intersection of Bull and Broughton, next time down there, grab a cup of Pikes Peak decaf blend and take a stroll down Broughton. If you haven’t done it in a while, you’ll likely see some things you haven’t before. A number of new businesses have opened along Savannah’s shopping street. ‘La Berry’ is a new frozen yogurt spot on Broughton just off Jefferson. Haven’t been yet, but I’m told by several people it’s wonderful. You pay by the ounce and add your own toppings. And by toppings, we are talking anything from sprinkles to chips to Cap’n Crunch cereal. Good thing it’s yogurt and not real ice cream, right? In addition to those healthier options, there’s a new restaurant called the Crypt Pub. It’s a restaurant/bar with a ghostly type theme. Very well done in décor. A lot of money went into that. Menu looks kinda upscale. Haven’t tried it either. Across the street from that, I’m told a travel agency/vacation club is going into an empty storefront there. Then back down Broughton on Drayton, O’Connell’s Irish Pub looked to me like it was dusting off to pour a pint or five. This is certainly good news for the area if you are keeping score at home.

4. Gray’s Reef Film Festival and Party in the Square.

There are two great events going on Friday, Sept. 17 that you don’t want to miss if you don’t have to. The first is the 7th Annual Grays Reef Ocean Film Festival. One of the more underrated events in our area. Ok, admit it, at one point or another you have likely found yourself watching the Discovery Channel or Shark Week or something on TV related to ocean life. Here is an opportunity to see some locally produced films about the ocean and its hidden wonders and beauty. You don’t really appreciate what is down there until something like this shows it to you. There will be entries from National Geographic, Greenpeace and others. Promises to be a great weekend. There is also the Downtown Business Associations 2nd “Party in the Square.” The fine folks at the DBA work very hard to promote business in downtown Savannah. It’s a passion for a lot of them and it is all done in their spare time, as they are all business owners in the community. Well, these gatherings aren’t all about rubber chicken and power point presentations. The DBA wants to make it fun and more social. Anyone is welcome to Wright Square on Friday, Sept. 17 from 5-7 p.m. C’mon down, have a glass of wine, listen to some great music and mingle.

5. The Heat is still hot but unbearable its kinda not. We are getting there.

Thought I’d throw in a little pep talk for the final push to fall. The ‘unofficial’ end of summer just passed us by with Labor Day weekend. And any five day forecast you peek at is missing something….90s! YES! All the highs I’ve seen are peaking in the upper 80s. There is still plenty of humidity to avoid, which can make things uncomfortable, but you have to have noticed it’s kinda nice (by comparison) in the mornings. Even late at night. Five weeks ago at 11 p.m., I’m sweating walking to my car. Heaven forbid Big Frank wants to stay and chat for a minute after work, I need me some AC or I’m walkin’! It is getting better; it will very soon be good enough to take a nice stroll for dinner, a yogurt or a cup of coffee. Take your pick. Only a matter of time before we are commenting that we are ‘ready for this cold to be over with.’

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