Blog: Take Five, Headlines from Jesse Blanco

1. The War is over? Really? Mission Accomplished or More Propaganda?

No question the story of the week was the ‘End’ of the War in Iraq last week. The announcement was made on NBC Nightly News with live shots from a reporter actually riding in the military convoy. Within minutes all the 24 hour cable networks were cuing up their Looney Tunes soundtracks “overture!!! Turn the lights! This is it! We’ll hit the heights! You know what heights we’ll hit!!!! On with the show this is it!!!” Except, if you know the whole story, you’ll see this was just another made for TV event. Much like Dub-ya stood on the deck of the USS Abraham Lincoln on May 1, 2003 claiming ‘Mission Accomplished’, we are seeing another dog and pony show. FOX 28s Military Source reporter Ashley Jacobs reported last spring that this would happen at some point. To paraphrase Jon Bon Jovi “its all the same….only the names will change.” The Obama Administration is telling us that “All combat troops are leaving Iraq.” Well, reality is Fort Stewart’s “First Brigade Heavy Combat Team” will remain in Iraq until December. While they are there, though, they are now referred to as the “First Advise and Assist Brigade.” Wow. That’s a relief. Maybe they are staying behind to make sure we get every last weapon of mass destruction out of Iraq. Because, you know, there were so many.

2. River Street Getting a Facelift? Any sign of progress is a great thing.

With the highly anticipated “Savannah Landing” project seemingly on indefinite hold, the news that a new restaurant/retail building is going in on the Eastern end of River Street is the kind that should make EVERYONE jump for joy. River Street could very much use some cosmetic surgery. A few nips, snips and tucks could only help her look as beautiful as she can be. The tugboat terminal there, while charming at times, is just out of place. Meanwhile, the plans for the future of River Street have been discussed plenty. There is talk of grand staircases down the bluff. There is talk of cleaning up the MLK approach to the River. There’s plenty of talk. This new complex is great news of actual action. Lets hope they get a huge name to anchor that complex and all goes smoothly ahead of their anticipated opening St Patty’s 2012.

3. JellyFish Hell? Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water.

Funny thing about Tybee’s aquatic guests this summer: Just last week, a co-worker new to the area, asked some of us “are there any concerns about sharks on Tybee?” My response? “no, not really. Its fine.” (long pause) then I said “now, Jellyfish? That’s a whole other story.” Sure enough, the count for stings is said to be up over ten THOUSAND for the year. Doesn’t exactly make me want to go hang ten, or eleven or twelve for that matter at our lovely beach. More people in our water? Or more jellyfish trying to make their way to Doc’s? The headline was a bit bold, but I’m glad for the good people making a living down on Tybee Island that this story made its way to the newspaper after the kids have gone back to school. Something like this on the 4th of July could have pretty harmful. Coincidence? The world may never know. Hmmmmmmmm?

4. Happy 91st Birthday Leopold’s Ice Cream! Get your Sweet Teeth Ready!

We all know how good Leopold’s Ice Cream on Broughton Street is. If you don’t shame on you, but you can always get down there for your first try. Well, what you may not know is that soon, you’ll be able to buy has much as you’d like. To go. Take it home and enjoy it with your family if you don’t care to come down to Broughton. Stratton Leopold has been somewhat quietly working on renovating the original location of Leopold’s on the Northeast corner of Gwinett and Habersham Streets downtown. It won’t be the old soda fountain that the Leopold family operated for many many years there, no. It will be primarily a production and storage facility for all of their great flavors. The great news is that there will be a ‘front of the house’ where you can walk up and buy a scoop or two..or a pint, or a half gallon of Stratton Leopolds frozen concoction that helps us hang on. Plenty of napkins provided. Look for it early 2011.

5. Tyler for Idol and Glee wear is going to be every where. FOX takes aim at Fall.

No, this isn’t a shameless plug for the very, very popular programming that precedes our newscast every week on FOX 28 (ok, well, maybe a little) but there is no denying the popularity of both “American Idol” and “Glee.” I have watched some of Glee and do think it is actually a very good show. Idol seems to be losing some steam but the beauty in that is that a new year brings all new contestants and a chance at being special again. What FOX has done a great job of is turning their search for new judges into headlines every single week. J-Lo was apparently too high maintenance for FOX, so she was ditched, however, Steven Tyler is said to be on board. I don’t know I guess we’ll have to how he plays out. Even if Dude REALLY DOES look like a lady. Glee ,meantime, is picking up steam like nobody’s business. The first couple of seasons the show just went about its business getting turned down by some bigger names in the business (Coldplay for example)…now everyone wants in. Britney is in, Coldplay is in (better late than never), heck even Academy Award winning actor Javier Bardem is said to be in. Glee is set to follow the Super Bowl on FOX next February and Macys is now carrying “Glee inspired clothing line”. Catch the season premiere of “Glee” on Thursday, September 21st. 8pm on FOX 28. Then make sure you stick around for the news.

Photo taken by: Louis Kwong Jr.

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