Blog: Take Five, Headlines from Jesse Blanco

1. What can JetBlue do for you?    Steve Slater…the voice of the overworked and underpaid?

Chances are you’ve heard of Mr. know, that JetBlue flight attendant in New York who apparently was fed up with a rude passenger  on his flight from Pittsburgh to New York. He popped the escape slide on his airplane as it parked at the gate, grabbed a beer from the planes galley, hit the slide, walked to his car and drove home.  Yet another indicator of the Jackassification of Society.   Defined as:  Do anything stupid enough and someone will put you on television.  Sure, after spending a night in jail, hundreds of thousands of people nationwide have rallied behind Mr. Slater thanking him for telling the boss to ‘Take this job and shove it’…..but now that the rah-rah’s have quieted down a little..we are hearing a different story.  According to several people, Mr. Slater was rude and unruly himself the entire flight.  Some people who were on that airplane are now even using the word “Diva” to describe Steven Slater.  Others are already calling him a hero.  Sounds like America(as if we had nothing better to do) is going to be taking sides on this one as Mr. Slater and his boyfriend Ken Rochelle plot their future, making every effort to extend their 15 minutes.  Lets hope this guy gets slapped with a fine large enough to make him realize what he did was stupid.

2. Dr. Laura Schlessinger.    Bravery or Buffoonery?

Dr. Laura is a talk radio host.  Dr. Laura took a call the other day and was asked for input about a mixed race marriage.  The caller (who was black) said her husband’s friends use racist language in front of her and he doesn’t stop it.  Dr. Laura, in providing advice went down a road that got her hand slapped.  Her response to the caller degenerated into a rant about double standards in racism and the use of the “N” word.  Only Doc didn’t use “N”….no, she went full frontal…11 times. Even the caller was offended and told her as much but she apparently didn’t care.  Sensitive issue, this one is.  Dr. Laura is nowhere near the first person to bring up the ‘Why can’t we say it if you do?’ argument.  I don’t understand why people feel the need to go there.   Of course there is hypersensitivity. Way too much hate.  If you called your sister a b%$ch would it bother you if I did?  Chances are, it would.  Lost in the mess is this quote from Dr. Laura at the end of her rant “I really thought once we had a black president, the attempt to demonize whites hating blacks would stop.” Really?  That easy, huh? Geeeeeeeeez.

3. Where’s the Oil?   Not on the beach….   Leave it to the media to make perception reality.

I just spent a week on the beach in Florida.  Gulf Coast near Destin.  Less than 75 miles from the Alabama border.  My family and I vacation there every year.   Some of the prettiest beaches in America.   Knowing I’d be visiting there in August, I kept tabs on the spills progress and movement.  The only oil seen in that area was the last week of June.  There were a couple of days were some tarballs hit the beach and they were cleaned up faster than Jeff Gordon takes 2 tires and a half a tank with 10 laps to go.  Final numbers aren’t in, but some people I spoke to there said business was most definitely down…some even threw around 60 percent.   Point being, it’s a shame so many hard working people have had to suffer this year because of ‘perception’.  I know that meant more business for a lot of other vacation spots, including here on Tybee…but when people’s livelihoods suffer that much over something that just isn’t true, that’s unfortunate.

4. Craigslist Killer in Boston dead.      Apparent suicide in prison.

Remember this guy?  Answered an ad on Craigslist for a massage in a swanky Boston hotel only to rob and kill the masseuse?   He pleaded not guilty to charges including first degree murder.  That night he robbed the girl of $800 in cash and $250 in American Express gift cards.  Well, if you go by the surveillance video police had of him in the hotel on the night in question and the computer records showing him setting an appointment with the victim the night she died, well….then…..this coward just saved the State of Massachusetts hundreds of thousands of dollars in court costs, if not more.  Nice work.

5. Schools are rolling back in…  As if the marching bands practicing in parking lots weren’t enough of an indicator.

I thought I’d interrupt my weekly rant about the hot humid weather to remind all of us that schools are beginning to get back to business.  Even if you don’t have kids matriculating, you will begin to get caught behind random school busses out on our streets.  You will also be required to slow down in neighborhood school zones.  Just remember to allow yourself a few more minutes to get to work or school yourself, slow down, watch for the kids-squeaky clean brand new book bags in tow.  Highs in the 70s can’t be far off.

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